Art Collab: Week 4

The artist’s journey may be solitary on one hand but it thrives on camaraderie and inspired company. Cecilia Ramon is an artist and dear friend and we are continuing our collaborative exploration together. Every week that we can, one of us will send the other some inspiration in the form of an excerpt from a poem, a prose selection, or a quote. Then we will each make art in response to the piece and finally we will post it here on my blog and on hers, which is in development.  We will see what emerges and then chart out our course together. The goal is an artistic exploration of life and art in an organic way.

Back from our travels and settling into the new rhythm. I am currently in an discovery and immersion into social anthropologist, Tim Ingold’s work while Cecilia has been familiar with his work for years. Synergy!  It seemed only right to chose a quote from his writing. Below are our responses in art. What do you think?

Week 4: March 5, 2019

“Bathed in light, submerged in sound and rapt in feeling, the sentient body, at once both perceiver and producer, traces the paths of the world’s becoming in the very course of contributing to its ongoing renewal. Here, surely, lies the essence of what it means to dwell. It is, literally to be embarked upon a movement along a way of life. The perceiver-producer is thus a wayfarer, and the mode of production is itself a trail blazed or a path followed. Along such paths, lives are lived, skills developed, observations made and understandings grown. But if this is so, then we can no longer suppose that dwelling is emplaced in quite the way Heidegger imagined, in an opening akin to a clearing in the forest. To be, I would now say, is not to be in place but to be along paths. The path, and not the place, is the primary condition of being, or rather of becoming.”

― Tim IngoldBeing Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description


‘Paths-Dwelling’ by Cecilia Ramon (Ink on tracing paper)





‘Path/Place/Being/Becoming’ by Virajita Singh (Brushpen marker on vellum)

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 9.10.33 AM

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