45 Photographs + 45 Drawings: Summer of Discovery and Practice at Lake Harriet
Thank you for visiting! The work shown in my recent show at University of Minnesota’s College of Design (Rapson Hall), July 29 – September 12, 2013, is the result of my experiential journey in being present, connecting to place and seeing the beauty around me. It began with my resolve to be more connected to my neighborhood near Lake Harriet with its wonderful sense of place.

On June 17th 2013, I started taking regular walks around the lake in the early morning, sometime between 5 am – 7 am, when the light of dawn or early morning makes everything mysterious and magical. All the photos in this exhibit were taken at or near Lake Harriet between June 17th and July 4th 2013. I began to see anew in the spectacular and radiant light on my walks, the particularity of each element, animate or inanimate – turtle, blue heron, rock or building – all contributing to the beauty of the whole place. The things I see on my walks also bring perspective – for example, almost every day I see a blue heron on the lake edge, or standing motionless yet aware on a boat, or in a graceful flight – that I take with me to the rest of my day and life.

Inspiration & Process
Photography is a powerful art form and I’ve for long admired the work of Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz,and more recently the work of Balthazar Korab. Struck by the beauty I was seeing I felt compelled to try to capture it on camera, which led to other discoveries along the way. I made the choice to focus on nature as the overall theme in one place – around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Reviewing the photographs led to the emergence of five themes: Presence (or Birds), Abundance (or Trees + Leaves + Flowers), Float + Flow (or Boats), Peripheries (or Edges), Possibilities (or Sunrises).

I selected the photos around these themes. The detail drawings and the idea of mirroring them in a white and black yin-yang composition came along the way, then the choice of artefacts and the hanging drawings came last.

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