My design philosophy recognizes the power of design and designers as being able to create and bring to life and form ideas into third and fourth dimensional reality. This power is not to be used lightly – it places designers as elites in society though ironically despite the respect and interest designers receive they are not always adequately paid for their services. Design can and must be used as a force for the public good not just to serve the small percentage of people who can afford it as has often been the case in history. The emergence of the field of Public Interest Design in the last decade has been a welcome development. 

Architecture – the discipline I was trained in and continue to work in alongside other academic careers – occupies an important place in my being/psyche/identity. Since I entered the field of architecture, master architects and their visionary manifestos, buildings and unbuilt projects have captured my imagination with their brash boldness of shaping the world in sync with the zeitgeist and/or to lead society and the built environment and into the emerging future.

My own work in design expresses itself in the realms of architecture, participatory design, sustainable and regenerative design and design thinking. A foundation of partnership is fundamental to my work with clients and communities who will be served by the designs.

Design for Community Resilience

Selected projects (this section under construction) 

Design Thinking @ College of Design  

Selected projects (this section under construction)

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