Art Collab: Week 2

The artist’s journey may be solitary on one hand but it thrives on camaraderie and inspired company. Cecilia Ramon is an artist and dear friend and we are embarking on a collaborative exploration together. Every week one of us will send the other some inspiration in the form of an excerpt from a poem, a prose selection, or a quote. Then we will each make art in response to the piece and finally we will post it here on my blog and on hers, which is in development.  We will see what emerges and then chart out our course together. The goal is an artistic exploration of life and art in an organic way.

Excited by what emerged two weeks ago, last week we chose a 14th century poem from Kashmir, India that I had proposed. Below are our responses in art. What do you think?

Week 2: October 28

I was passionate,

filled with longing,

I searched

far and wide.

But the day

that the Truthful One

found me,

I was at home.

~ Lal Ded ~

Kashmir, 14th century [translated by Jane Hirshfield]

‘Untitled’ by Virajita Singh (Sumi-e Ink and pen on Bristol board)




‘Refuge’ by Cecilia Ramon (Hand made Ink on Gampi Paper)



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