New Ink Series for a Reflection Journal

Recently, Women’s Leadership Community,  in Minnesota, of whose leadership program I am an alum, invited me to contribute my art to the pages of a reflection journal (A Woman’s Leadership Journal: Exploring the Path of Wisdom) which would feature blank pages with meaningful quotes interspersed with pages of art. The cover would feature the work of another artist who was also an alum of the program.

Close on the heels of my recent art exhibit that will be featured in another post,  I’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity to explore my gestural sumi-e ink paintings. I made sumi-e ink drawing continuing themes from my recent work as well as responding to the work of the cover artist, Sharon Grosh. Five of my pieces were selected for inclusion in the journal, here they are below.

“WLC Untitled Series” Chinese Calligraphic Black Ink on Bristol Smooth and Mixed Media Papers.

#1 (2)WIL kWIL tWIL sWIL g



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